Bollywood Dance Classes
Dance Ihayami offers Bollywood workshops for children and adults across Scotland.  To find out more get in touch with  At this time, Bollywood is only offered in Edinburgh but please register your interest if you would like to see a class delivered in Glasgow, Dundee or Falkirk as we’re always expanding our programme!
What is Bollywood?
Bollywood dance is a contemporary dance form popularised thanks to India’s thriving cinema industry.  Bollywood borrows from a range of dance styles blending classical Indian dance, folk and of course western styles to create dynamic cinematic choreographies!  
What will I learn in the Bollywood dance class?
The class will usually begin with a simple warm up to get everyone moving.  A song will have already been chosen by your instructor and the choreography will be taught in small sections, making it easy for you to remember the steps! 
What should I wear to Bollywood dance classes?
Indian dancing is usually done with bare feet so no shoes are required for this class.  Feel free to wear comfortable clothing so that you can move and dance easily.  But if you prefer to get dressed up, the sparklier the better!