Priya Shrikumar


Priya started dancing at the age of three, and has had the honour of learning under many Gurus including Guru Gopinath, Guru Chandrashekaran Nair and finally under Guru Nattuvam Paramashivam.

After moving to Scotland, she has been dancing, teaching, training and choreographing with her dancers, creating work that's both playful and challenging. Priya has always been open to new ideas and training opportunities, under Gurus from India and abroad. She has had the privilege of learning Kalaripayattu, veena and flute under Guru Jayan Bharathakshetra, and Yoga under Shri Krishna. 


Kirsten Newell

Born in Canada, Kirsten moved to the Isle of Iona as a baby, and then came to Edinburgh at the age of five. From a young age, Kirsten had a passion for dance.  Her early training was in Western dance, with a particular strength in ballet, and she remained extremely dedicated throughout her school and college days. Kirsten went initially to Attakalari centre for Movement Arts in Bangalore, India, where she gained a one year diploma.  She trained in Indian contemporary dance - a mixture of Bharatanatyam, Kalaripayattu and contemporary dance. Her love of this dance form lead her on to Kalakshetra Foundation the following year.  For four years she immersed herself fully in the essence of Bharatanatyam, its culture, tradition and training in South Indian dance and Carnatic music. Kirsten now dances and teaches with Dance Ihayami. 


Seona Robinson

From temple sculpture to cinematography, the aesthetics of the Indian subcontinent has a strong magnetism for Seona,who graduated from Edinburgh University in 1995 with Master’s in Fine Art. Bharatanatyam became a constant practice when she met Priya Shrikumar in 1994, since when she started her dance training, and then performed and taught extensively. Despite running her own company, EcoYoga Ltd since 2003 and studing  Kalarippayattu, Seona continues to occasionally work with Dance Ihayami both as a teacher and a dancer.


Sivaranjiha Sivapatham

After moving to Glasgow, Siva started her Bharatanatyam training under the guidance of Priya Shrikumar in 2003. Since then she has discovered the importance of this dance form in the coordination of the mind and the body, and it has also helped her understand the benefits of dance in enriching the wider community. Her passion to achieve perfection and discipline in Bharatanatyam has enabled her to pursue this dance with enthusiasm. Siva currently dances with the company and teaches for Dance Ihayami School.


Karen Watts

Karen was born in Ireland and moved to Edinburgh in 2002. Having a strong ballet background, Karen has been training Bharatanatyam under Priya Shrikumar for more than eleven years, and undertook her Arangetram (a dancer’s first solo performance) in January 2009 at Chidambaram Nataraja Temple, Tamil Nadu, India. Karen not only performs with the company but is also one of Dance Ihayami School's teachers. She also coordinates the company’s outreach programme.