Student Stories

Dance Ihayami's students range in age from 4 to 60, come from all walks of life, come from various countries around the world (in fact we have 18 different nationalities represented!). What brings everyone together is their love of DANCE.

We asked some of our students to tell us what they like about Indian dance, and why they chose to attend classes with Dance Ihayami. Here's what they had to say.

SMITA & RIA - mother and daughter 

"I  professionally work in the finance sector. Personally I am also a mother  of 2 young children. My eldest daughter is 7 years old .She was one of the reasons I joined Bharatnatyam class. Born and brought up in India, I was very keen on learning Indian classical dance. My sister who is a very good Bharatnatyam dancer has always been my inspiration since childhood. However, due to shifting priorities in life I could not pursue my interest in India. 
When I got to know about Dance Ihayami introducing lessons in Dundee, I was very keen for my daughter and I to join the classes. It has been almost a year now since we have started learning together. Dance Ihayami  is a very professional institute . Teachers with their enthusiasm and professionalism have helped inspire and support our learning. It is this dedication and focus on achieving perfection in every single lesson, keeps us both looking forward to each and every lesson.
On a personal note, Bharatnatyam as a dance form helps me forget about everything else happening in my life. It is genuinely a stress busting and enjoyable time I look forward to every single week. Learning this art with my daughter has truly been the best opportunity in life. As a mother and daughter we are indeed creating memories for life. Thank you Dance Ihayami for making it happen for both of us."

JOSNY (19) 

"I am currently studying psychology at the University of Glasgow. I started learning Bharatanatyam at Dance Ihayami School in Glasgow, in September 2014.

I chose Indian dancing because I believe we all have a responsibility to represent our culture and for me this seemed like the best way that I can do it. Bharatanatyam challenges me and I learn new things every time I attend a class. I also feel a sense of achievement when I dance in class or on stage.

The best thing about DI classes are how welcoming and friendly the students as well as the instructors are. I have never felt out of place in class, which is something I have experienced previously in other classes. I also love the variety of music used for dances, this diminishes the barriers between cultures. Another thing which I like about DI classes are the mixture of students attending. They range from children to adults, people of different nationalities, ethnicities with different experiences of dancing. It creates a sense of unity and demonstrates that anyone can do it."


"I live in Edinburgh and have just finished S2, I have been learning Bharatanatyam at Dance Ihayami School since I was 8.The reason I chose to dance was because my mum and aunt had done Bharatanatyam when they were young too, so I took up Dance just like them. I can remember my very first lesson where some of my friends that I knew were already learning dance. I remember learning mudhras and basics and how helpful and kind the teacher was. I have now been dancing for 5 years and have enjoyed every year of it.

I have improved so much and am now part of Dance Ihayami's youth dance group IHAYAMI FUSION and am thoroughly enjoying all the performance opportunities we get. Dance Ihayami have really helped me learn the art of Indian classical dance and have made me confident by allowing me to do many performances."


"I love Bharatanatiyam dance because you learn new steps that are interesting and also the costumes are nice and colourful. The teachers are really kind and friendly and help us with dance movements that are sometimes hard.  Oh! I almost forgot.... I also like to dance with my friends at Dance Ihayami School who are from different primary schools".

(Photo shows Akalya with her dance buddies at Dance Ihayami School Christmas show in December 2014)


"Both myself and my husband are from Tanjore in South India which is widely regarded as the heartland of Bharathanatiyam and the iconic Nataraja.  DI has provided the opportunity for our daughter Akalya to experience this classical dance that we grew up with. She has been thoroughly enjoying her classes. Thank you Dance Ihayami."