Off Kilter (2009/2010)

Collaboration between Unique Events and Dance Base, Scotland’s National Centre for Dance with specially commissioned music and dance, featuring Dance Ihayami’s dance pieces.
Premiere: Hogmanay 2009 at The Edinburgh Festival Theatre

“Off Kilter, a national celebration of Scottish dance, saw them in tartan saris, while the piece Celtic Feet looks at the similarities between Scottish dance and Indian. If the synthesis is not yet perfect – the music is overwhelming Scottish, and the dance Indian, it suggests ways in which multi-culturalism can be examined through dance. Scottish performers dancing Bharatanatyam style to Scottish music evoke the conflicting and harmonising aspects of two cultures that are learning to respect each other.”
Gareth Vile, 2010

Have a read of the review in The Herald by Mary Brennan, 31 December 2009