“Dance Ihayami are a source of great joy. … I cannot imagine the landscape of dance in Scotland without this wonderful company”
Morag Deyes MBE, Artistic Director, Dance Base National Centre for Dance, Edinburgh

Dance Ihayami is Scotland’s Indian dance company, dedicated to Indian classical dance in its purest form, as well as the contemporisation of the dance form. The company challenges ideas about Indian classical dance and creates innovative work, regularly collaborating with different art forms and media. 

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“Ihayami means ‘I am here’. Because it is what I am doing – Dance, I am here!”
Priya Shrikumar, Artistic Director and Founder of Dance Ihayami


Dance Ihayami also runs an extensive education and community engagement programme for people of all background, age and ability:

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Latest News


Our Spring Term of classes starts from 8th January 2018 and runs for 12 weeks until end of March.

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New class

In January 2018, we will be introducing a new dance form to our timetable


A dance-drama performance art, from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, it is known for its quick footwork, dramatic characterization, expressive eye movements and spirited narrative.


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